We allocate all candidates according to their education, skills, training and work experience – see Industry Sectors. When submitting your CV please identify the categories into which you think your CV should be included. You should only select categories which match your qualifications, skills or work experience. If you do not see a category which meets your present requirements, tell us the skill set you have and we will allocate your CV to the appropriate category.

English language skills:
We can assist in improving your language skills in either English or any other language by putting you in touch with a number of language schools who can, within reason, allow you to work and learn in your spare time.


Employment Rights:
We will never knowingly allow any candidate to be exploited. All our employers know their duties towards employees. Our sister company 'Cadboll Business Consultancy‘ specialises in providing Employment law services and advice to both employers and employees and will be happy to assist you with employment issues. Email info@cadboll.com. All our candidates receive a written statement of terms and conditions of employment.

Often our employers will arrange accommodation for new employees. Usually a successful candidate will require to repay costs incurred by the employer for accommodation from their first 3 months wages. Some employers will meet such costs themselves for example, the first 2 weeks accommodation. In other cases accommodation will be provided as part of the terms and conditions of employment. However, because of tax implications, it is now rare for accommodation to be free of charge. Housing in the UK is generally expensive and you can expect to spend up to one third of your wages on accommodation.

Tax and National Insurance:
All employers in the UK are required to deduct tax (Income Tax & National Insurance) from employee wages where the employee earns over a certain level, presently around £11,000 per annum. Normally wages or salary are quoted before tax and national insurance is deducted. Taxes can be 30-40% of your income. This figure is nearer 40-50% for higher paid jobs around £35,000 per annum and above. Your new employer will be happy to indicate during interview the likely amount each week or month you will have after tax deduction. If an employer offers to pay you without deduction of income tax or national insurance, you should beware as it may be you are becoming a party to an illegal action. Only in very few exceptional circumstances would an employee not be expected to pay tax or national insurance.

General Questions:
If you have any problems or questions about your rights or terms and conditions, email us at info@czechmatch.co.uk

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